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Scientific publications featuring MILES data

  • Hasty, L.M., Malanchini, M., Shakeshaft, N.G., Schofield, K.L., Malanchini, M., & Wang, Z. (2020). When anxiety becomes my propeller: Mental toughness moderates the relation between academic anxiety and academic avoidance. British journal of Educational PsychologyPDF

  • Wang, Z., Rimfeld, K., Shakeshaft, N.G., Schofield, K.L., & Malanchini, M. (2020). The longitudinal role of domain-specific anxiety in boys and girls academic development. Journal of Adolescence, 80, 220-232 PDF

  • Wang, Z., Shakeshaft, N.G., Schofield, K.L., & Malanchini, M. (2018). Anxiety is not enough to drive me away: A latent profile analysis on math anxiety and math motivation. PloS One 13(2) e0192072 PDF​​​

  • Papageorgiou, K. A., Malanchini, M., Denovan, A., Clough, P., Shakeshaft, N., Schofield, K., & Kovas, Y. (2018). Longitudinal association between narcissism, mental toughness, and school achievement. Personality and Individual Differences 131 (2018) 105–110PDF 

Dr. Margherita Malanchini's publications

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